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Smart Street Lights will Become the Entry Point!

Smart Street Lights will Become the Entry Point!

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Smart lighting in urban roads is busting out

Smart lighting is an important part of a smart city. It uses city sensors, power line carrier / ZIGBEE communication technology and wireless GPRS / CDMA communication technology to connect street lights in series to form the Internet of things, which can achieve the remote centralized control and management of street lights. According to the traffic flow, time, weather conditions and other conditions to set the program to automatically adjust the brightness, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions; Smart street light can effectively control energy consumption, which can greatly save power resources , which can improve public lighting management , which can reduce maintenance and management costs, and which can use computing and other information processing technologies to process and analyze mass perception information, including livelihood, environment, and public safety. Within the various needs to make intelligent response and intelligent decision support, it makes the city road lighting to achieve "smart" state.

Smart Street Light is the smart city's best entrance and service port

There are a large number of street lights, which are the densest urban infrastructure for the collection and distribution of information. The smart street lights are an important source of information for the Internet of Things in the future. Smart street lights are an important part of smart cities and important entrances to promote smart city and smart city landing in urban lighting business and to enhance urban and municipal service capabilities. Tecnon smart pole led display is the best solution!

The policies are carried out frequently to promote smart lighting

With the wide application of the Net of Thing, next-generation Internet, cloud computing and any other information technology. The smart cities have become an inevitable trend. In recent years, the policies of smart city were carried out frequently , and many cities in China set off a climax of smart city construction. The government has introduced a series of policy measures to promote the construction of smart cities. Smart street lights are an important part of the construction of smart cities and it is expected that it will still receive policy support in the future.

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