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Common Faults And Solutions In Assembly Of LED Outdoor Full Color Led Display

Common Faults And Solutions In Assembly Of LED Outdoor Full Color Led Display

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LED outdoor full color led display is often used in outdoor display, usually assembled by multiple boxes. Case assembly also involves product technology, parameter correction, and normal operation of the system. What problems will appear in assembly?

1. What are the reasons that Led display can't be loaded?
Failure to load may be caused by the following reasons, please compare the items listed with your operation.

A. Make sure that the hardware of the control system is connected to the electricity correctly. (+5V)

B. Check and confirm that the serial port used to connect the controller is a direct line instead of a crossover line.

C. Check and confirm that the serial connection line is intact and there is no loosening or falling off at both ends.

D. To select the correct product type, correct transmission mode, correct serial port number and correct baud rate compared with the control software of LED display screen and the control card chosen by yourself. Properly set the address bits and baud rate on the hardware of the control system compared with dialing switch diagram provided in software.

E. See if the jumper cap is loose or falling off. If the jumper cap is not loose, make sure that the jumper cap is in the right direction.

F. If it is still not loaded after the above inspection and correction, please use the multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system is damaged to confirm whether the computer should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware should be sent back to the test.

2. What is the cause of the lack of communication?
The failure of communication is almost the same as the reason for loading failure. Refer to the above methods.

3. Why does the system hint "please connect Led display panel controller"?
Many customer friends downloaded the "Led display panel control system" directly from the "Download Center" on the company's website. After 20 minutes, there will be a hint of "please connect the Led display panel controller". This is due to the fact that the system has not detected the hardware of the wide control system in the time of testing. At this point, please connect one end of the Led display panel control system hardware that you buy to connect with the computer, the other end connected to the HUB distribution board, the line socket of the HUB distribution board and the interface of each unit of the Led display panel.

After the connection is completed, you can enter the "Settings panel" to set up the relevant parameters, and then close and reopen the software. At this point, "connection success" will appear on the top of the software. At this time, the system has detected the hardware of the display control system, and it can be used without a time limit.

4. Why does the Led display panel control system hardware appear a few seconds of bright line or "color panel" when the power is on?
When the display controller is connected to the computer and the HUB distribution board and the display panel, the controller needs to supply a +5V power to make it work (at this time, do not directly connect to the 220V voltage). At the moment of power, there will be a few seconds of bright line or "color panel" on the display screen, the bright line or "color panel" is the normal phenomenon. It reminds users that the panel is about to start working.

In 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the display is in normal working condition.

5. What does the automatic or manual luminance regulation mean?
Brightness adjustment is the adjustment made between the darkest and brightest light displayed on the panel, rather than the light adjustment.

The automatic brightness control is automatically adjusted to a certain brightness according to the different brightness of different time periods and the control system of the Led display panel.

Manual brightness control means that the end user can make the Led display panel reach a certain luminance by operating the control system of the Led display panel.

6. Why does the controller display nothing when the controller is normal?
When the controller is set and the connection line is properly connected, sometimes there will be no display on the Led display panel, which is usually caused by one of the following reasons.

A.Whether the LED display screen is normally on power

B.Whether the connection between the HUB distribution board and the display screen is wrong.

C.Whether the program that has been edited and sent is empty.

7. The whole panel is not bright.
A. To see whether the power cord, the 26P line between the unit panels and the power module indicator is normal.

B.Use the multimeter to see whether unit plate has normal voltage. Then measure whether the output voltage of the power module is normal if not, it is judged that the power module is bad.

What is the reason for the black panel in Led display panel because of the low voltage of the power supply module and the adjustment of the micro modulation (the power module is close to the light of the indicator)?

In the process of using the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon of the black panel in the Led display panel. The same phenomenon may be caused by a variety of reasons. Even the process of blackening the panel will vary by different operations or in different environments. For example, it may be black at the moment of electricity and may also be blackened in the process of loading, and may also be blackened after the completion of the transmission.

A. Please ensure that all the hardware including the control system is fully powered up. (+5V, do not connect to the reverse).

B. Check and repeat to confirm whether the serial line of the connection controller is loose. (if it is black in the process of loading, it is likely to be caused by this cause, that is, the communication line is broken because of the loosening of the communication line, so the screen is black. Do not think the display does not move, the line is impossible to lose. Please check it out, which is very important for you to solve the problem quickly.)

C. Check and confirm whether the LED distribution panel and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card are closely connected or not inserted.

Whether it is assembly or maintenance, Led display panel needs excellent technology, and the safety performance of electronic products is also one of the problems that many businesses pay attention to.

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