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The Influence of American Tax Reduction Policy on China

The Influence of American Tax Reduction Policy on China's Fixed Install LED Display Industry

Access:379 Time:2018.06.09
On December 22, 2017, the White House of the United States signed the "Tax Reduction and Employment Act," which came into formal effective in January 2018. Its formal implementation, will affect the development of the entire world economy, especially in countries and regions with export-oriented economy, which impact is even more profound. Although the US tax reduction will not lead to a substantial tax reduction by China, the US tax reduction will still have a certain impact on China's fixed install LED display industry. As a big fixed install LED display manufacturing country, China has a complete fixed install LED industry chain and a huge scale advantage.

At this point, there is no country in the world that can compare with us, and we have obtained this kind of industrial advantage and status. , not any country can easily shake. Therefore, even if the US tax reduction can attract some companies and investment back to the United States, the impact on the fixed install LED display industry will not be great. However, under the premise of "America First", China's fixed install LED display manufacturers may face problems related to anti-subsidy, anti-dumping, and intellectual property rights. How to prevent and avoid this kind of crisis should be something that our fixed install LED display companies must pay attention to at present.

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