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Tecnon Attended The Smart Pole Alliance Conference And Leading The Streetlight Lamp Post

Tecnon Attended The Smart Pole Alliance Conference And Leading The Streetlight Lamp Post

Access:314 Time:2019.01.31
Today, guided by the China Information Association Big Data Branch, the China Big Data Application Alliance Smart Lights Alliance and the China Private Tower Industry Alliance jointly hosted the "China Big Data Application Alliance Smart Lights Alliance Conference and Inaugural Meeting" held in Beijing. The conference, with the theme of "co-construction and ecological development", brought together many scholars, experts and high-level enterprises from the wisdom field. In addition, the event also carried out a comprehensive discussion on the development of the smart light pole industry by means of project introductions, keynote speeches, etc., and the on-site dry goods were full.

Smart Pole Alliance Conference
It is worth noting that Tecnon is also an important LED smart city terminal equipment provider in the field of smart light poles. It is also invited to attend this event. Tecnon discussed the development trend of smart streetlight poles with many industry experts and corporate executives. Everyone has discussed and exchanged on the development of lamp posts, design innovations and new products and new applications. This brings new inspiration to the idea of the popularization of smart streetlights, and brings new changes to the evolution of lamp posts.

At the conference, Mr. Hao Guangjun, the general manager of Tecnon, focused on the development trend of the current smart street lights and the driving role of lamp posts with the theme of “focusing on lamp posts and assisting the full spread of smart streetlights” with in-depth analysis. Mr. Hao Guangjun also explained the development concept of Tecnon as a professional and mature lamp posts provider for interconnection, sharing and intelligence. Mr. Hao Guangjun explained the convergence of Tecnon lamp posts and smart streetlight from the aspects of style application, core function, innovation optimization direction, core product parameters, installation and safety assessment and actual cases.

Smart Pole Alliance Conference
In fact, the advancement of smart streetlight poles is the process of pursuing intelligence, interaction, information, and technology. The lamp posts has gradually replaced the original traditional information publishing method into the mainstream of information dissemination in the wisdom era. Therefore, Tecnon utilizes a unique innovative perspective and precise positioning of the market. With the lamp posts as a smart entry point, it has further integrated into the ecological circle of smart light poles, and further utilizes its own advantages and strong product research and development efforts. While accelerating the innovation process of the lamp posts products, it also pushed the Tecnon lamp posts to a higher level.

In the sharing of Hao, the lamp posts is the key to determining the shape, quality grade, core function display, intelligence or not, cost of construction, service life and operating income of the smart light pole. The Tecnon lamp posts terminal has integrated outdoor highlighting, high-definition power saving, cluster control, remote synchronous playback, automatic brightness adjustment, smoke, wetness, temperature, PM2.5 monitoring, remote power switch, intelligent monitoring, voice and video interaction, face recognition and other functions. This makes the product have blood and flesh and life, but also meets the needs of street lighting scene applications.

Smart Pole Alliance Conference
Mr. Hao also mentioned that lamp posts require higher precision. Therefore, the model of the Tecnon lamp post is higher from the P2-P6 model, and the outdoor is more high-definition. Strictly speaking, Tecnon's lamp posts is different. It not only has a brightness of 7200cd, but power consumption is only 30% of ordinary screens. The styles are exquisite and diverse, and the craftsmanship, technology and energy saving are reflected in the products. At the same time, Tecnon only does the supporting, does not do the whole set, and connects every link of the smart street lamp to the ground, which is the market development strategy of Tecnon.

In addition, Mr. Hao also gave a detailed explanation of the 20 key development issues in the field of lamp posts. He shared the experience of Tecnon's rich LED project. The lamp posts must reach 7000CD brightness, high temperature resistance, light weight, beautiful appearance, standardization and other development pain points. He also affirmed the direction of Tecnon's future optimization and innovation. Tecnon should continue to follow the pace of the smart city, making the lamp posts more beautiful, lighter and more powerful. The lamp posts also incorporates more intelligent functions. Tecnon let the device have the possibility of sharing, and the wisdom interconnection is completely opened from the hardware.

Smart Pole Alliance Conference
It must be mentioned that Tecnon has invested a large amount of capital, manpower and material resources with a large amount of project experience. In addition to the standardization of the functional modules of the lamp posts, the upgrade of the fully cast aluminum structure was completed in November 2018. The cabinet can already achieve a thickness at 7.5CM, and each weight is only 15KG. The lamp posts not only has a more refined appearance, but also has a lighter weight, which greatly reduces the hard risk of the smart light pole in the application. At the same time, with the full spread of the Tecnon fully cast aluminum box, the cost will drop rapidly.

For the future development of the smart light pole, Mr Hao express that the smart light pole market in 2018 is relatively hot. But 2020 is the official point of the flashlight. Therefore, relevant companies should prepare and respond in advance. Enterprises must open up the supply chain system, research and development system, and marketing system. Enterprises must do a good job in product quality and service, and establish a core customer base to catch up with this wave of wisdom.

Smart Pole Alliance Conference
It can be said that the integration of lamp posts and street lights is the core driving mode for promoting the popularization of smart streetlights. In this mode, enriching the lamp posts in the field of smart street lighting applications and carrying more intelligent application missions, is currently the problem faced by lamp posts providers. Tecnon will further break the boundaries of technological innovation and realize the change from quantitative to qualitative. Tecnon will exhaust the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas to make the products more beautiful, lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and cheaper. Tecnon will promote the lamp posts field to a higher level of application level.
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