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Tecnon LED Advertising Player being best option of highspeed toll station advertising

Tecnon LED Advertising Player being best option of highspeed toll station advertising

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Recently, Tecnon outdoor LED advertising player (somewhere called advertising display or advertising kiosk) toll station projects have been successively launched in many cities across the country. Among them, the most classic cases are high-speed toll station projects in Shenzhen and Beijing, and the user response the best. It is understood that the advertising industry is changing rapidly in recent years, coupled with the in-depth popularity of the Internet. The LED advertising player integrate newest technology , enter into this fields and widely used in high-speed toll station,airport, train station, business street etc.
North China Express Dayangfang Toll Station
MeaNorth China Express Dayangfang Toll Station
Beijing Dujiakan Toll Station
Beijing Dujiakan Toll Station

nwhile,Government launched more and more policies on outdoor traditional billboards , especially the billboards along the highway and toll station roads. So this upgrade and transformation of led advertising players become inevitable.
Tecnon seizes the trend and already successfully assisted several high-speed toll stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Harbin etc. And more cities program like  Guangzhou and Chongqing have also started. Tecnon LED advertising player opens a new chapter in outdoor advertising.
Shenzhen Shuiguan Express Toll Station
Shenzhen Shuiguan Express Toll Station
 Airport Express Toll Station

It is worth mentioning that Tecnon LED advertising players  could accept customized size, shape, functions, installation method. Different designs suit for different requirements. So clients could have their unique products and help brand building.
Harbin Toll Station
Harbin Toll Station

The application advantages of the Tecnon LED advertising player in the high-speed toll stations:

  • The appearance is generous, the shape is novel and beautiful, the display color is rich, the picture quality is high-definition and delicate, and the change is vivid.
  • Brightness above 7000cd, with light sensor, automatic brightness adjustment, more energy saving.
  • Cluster management control system (mobile phone, computer, Ipad are optional), support remote synchronization update.
  • The IP grade reaches IP68, anti weather or other factors.
  • Leak protection, lightning protection, remote hard power off and automatic power on/off.
  • Galvanized steel technology application, longer lifespan.
  • Alibaba server Cloud platform, more safe.

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