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Tecnon LED Kiosk Brings A New Intelligent Sports Experience

Tecnon LED Kiosk Brings A New Intelligent Sports Experience

Access:374 Time:2018.11.16
On October 13, 2018, the launching ceremony of the world's first Cooper's aerobics park and the "Hand in the Future" youth health growth experience base was successfully held in the Life Lake Aerobics Park in Fangshan District, Beijing. In the future, the experience base will aim to improve the health and physical quality of Chinese youth and the broad masses of the people, cultivate the correct health concept of young people, help them master the precise and scientific movements, and promote the substantial improvement of Chinese youth.

Chinese youth

It is understood that the life lake Cooper aerobic trail is built by the Life Lake Health Group and the United States Cooper Aerobic Health. The Life Lake Cooper Aerobic Trail is 18 kilometers long and is designed to create the world's leading intelligent aerobic science fitness trail. This project has set up a scientific fitness guide sign, aerobic exercise prescription module, and the innovative application of Tecnon LED advertising machine, which makes this intelligent trail become a model of sports experience that integrates digitalization and intelligence.

the life lake Cooper aerobic trail

So, how smart is this smart trail? It turns out that during the exercise, the fitness group can not only record their heart rate and exercise data in real time, but also determine their own aerobic capacity by wearing a smart bracelet. The fitness group can learn about your health and realize the scientific movement. At the same time, after the end of the exercise, the ranking of the sports can be clearly seen through the Tecnon led kiosk to enhance the sports experience and social interaction of the athletes.


This project uses the Tecnon P2.94 led kiosk with a display size of 1200*2400 and an outdoor brightness of 7000 cd/m2. It fully compensates for the shortcomings of low brightness and small display area of LCD advertising machine, and can realize automatic adjustment of brightness. It not only saves energy, but also allows it to have excellent display even when it is outdoors, and it complements the surrounding environment theme. At the same time, through the Tecnon led kiosk could also record the movement data to achieve the function of big data collection, providing a basis for the subsequent health analysis of the population.

The P2.94 led kiosk won the project with the following absolute advantages:
★:High brightness, specially designed for outdoor situations, the brightness is greater than or equal to 7000nit.
★: High density, high refresh rate which more than 2880HZ
★: Energy-saving, temperature-controlled dual-bearing turbine energy-saving fan, Meanwell power supply, energy-saving drive IC, automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness, average power consumption: 400W per unit
★: According to the "characteristics" of led kiosk, our company has 3 sets of Alibaba Cloud Terminal Server (Android, Windows, Linux) developed by ourselves, which can provide perfect after-sales service for customers later (no third party) and can protect all complete data of customers.
★: Intelligent control screen power supply. Remote terminal and mobile APP can implement remote manual, timing, intelligent control screen switch function for any screen.
★: All screens can be synchronized and asynchronous, and different screens can be played for different advertisements and municipal messages.
★: The screen body comes with GPS function, which can view the real-time screenshot of the display content and check the normal use of the screen. There is no need for technicians to check the use status of the screen every day, saving labor costs. If you need to go to the site for processing, you can directly view the fault screen position in the terminal, so there is no need to view large areas, save time and shorten the repair time of the faulty screen.
★: Independent secondary decoding function. Anti-hacking, multi-level playback content review, only program production rights, no final playback rights, anti-company ghosts.

Project configuration specific parameters:



According to the person in charge of the project, this project is the first park application case of Tecnon led kiosk in Beijing. Tecnon attaches great importance to it. In addition to the detailed and time-consuming preparations for this project, the design and installation of Tecnon have devoted a lot of effort. Therefore, the Tecnon led kiosk chassis is light, reasonable in design, simple in operation, easy to install, and convenient for disassembling and transportation. It also provides a great guarantee for the smooth completion of this project. At the same time, Tecnon led kiosk has the characteristics of outdoor explosion-proof, lightning protection, etc., and the outdoor dustproof and waterproof grade is IP65, which has great application advantages in stability and safety.

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