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The circuitous road of free glass 3D led display

The circuitous road of free glass 3D led display

Access:352 Time:2018.07.01
As we all know, the small-pitch LED display screen as the market segment of the display has successfully opened up the "blue sea" market in the display area. Similarly,  free glass 3D products have been given equal expectations. With more and more applications of LED display screens, people have higher and higher requirements. Nowadays, people can no longer meet two-dimensional plane display, and they hope to truly restore the three-dimensional information of the real world. Therefore, the application of 3D display technology in LED display screens has become a hot topic and direction in recent years.
After the rise of this technology in 2013, it caused a sensation in the LED display industry. Compared with the traditional 3D display, free glass 3D led display is a kind of 3D effect that can be viewed on the screen with a naked eye without wearing professional glasses. In fact, as early as 2011, free glass 3D led display has officially entered the market, and the major free glass 3D led display manufacturers began to introduce some of the conceptual products, but due to technical limitations and the final momentum gradually, even after many years, the application of  free glass 3D technology in LED display is still highly anticipated, however, the starting quantity of products is a real problem in front of us.
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