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The disorder of Pole led displays in Kuala Lumpur

The disorder of Pole led displays in Kuala Lumpur

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From July 17, 2018 to July 22, 2018, Tecnon team had a trip to Kuala Lumpur. During this trip ,we took a walk of more than 30 kilometers, observed almost all pole led displays in Kuala Lumpur. The market is totally ruined by the unprofessional and unconcerned LED display companies.

More than 400 pole led displays are still in use in Kuala Lumpur , but 80% of them are in a state of failure. I'd like to complain about these displays form the following aspects:

(1)Definition: Kuala Lumpur's existing pole LED displays are mainly P10 and P6.6, few are P5, the display area is 960*1920. This configuration does not seriously consider the basic needs of advertising effectiveness. It may be the customers' fault, but as a professional supplier, he should be aware of the problem. Hence, the suppliers' acceptance of these problematic orders is indeed the irresponsibility for the project and the customers.

(2)Brightness: The previous P10 display now only has the brightness less than 3000nits, and the two batches  P6.6 pole LED displays also only has the brightness of 4000nits for less than two years using. These LED light panel displays have no effect in the daytime and only shine in the evening. What's the difference between these LED light panel displays and LCD? The high-brightness advantage of the LED display completely disappears.

(3)Grayscale and refresh rate.: It is no exaggeration to say that checking by camera. Even by naked eyes, still could find it not qualified. Both are too lower than standard.

(4)Cabinet: All P10 use common iron cabinet, which is heavy and ugly. Each P6.66 is equipped with two rental panel, the net cables, power cables, and distribution boxes are all exposed, which extremely ugly.

(5)Intelligent: The brightness could only be adjusted manually, and the pictures can not be switched synchronously, which is the fatal functional deletion of pole LED displays.

(6)High power consumption: These displays use normal LED display technology. So power consumption is high. There's hidden danger for the area.

Pole led screen in Kuala Lumpur Pole led sign

After deeply communicate with consumers, we are even more disappointed. One of them told us, All these LED display companies have no idea on pole led display. The suppliers declare that they use advanced technology, reliable quality, fully-reinforced strength, and the prices seems reasonable. He finally placed an order with full payment. After the goods arrived, all kinds problem come out. The suppliers didn’t think about installation so at last cost more and waited long time for extra devices.  After installing and lighting, the display effect is completely not required. Working performance is ugly, the brightness is not high enough, the definition is bad, and the control mode is complicated. However, it was too late and he had to accept.

led signage outdoor pole advertising

Another consumer is even bad lucky. He gives idea of the factories, but they didn't understand.  At last he had no choice but to design the panel and installation devices to them. After arriving , all kinds problems.  Even installed, at last being forced to dismantle them and now70 sets sleep in warehouse.

So here is the question, what is pole led display and how should be different to normal LED display panel ?

The Pole led displays should be thin, HD, energy saving, good-looking, high-level waterproof, anti-typhoon, anti-ultraviolet, brightness automatic adjustment, synchronize switching, remote power-off, remote cluster control etc. This is not some simple technology which able to be understand and solution come out in 5 minutes. It require deeply focus and large time and fund investments.

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Tecnon,stock code is 300650, focus on Tecnon led display business since 2004. The Tecnon Smart Display team works on pole led display R&D for more than 3 years and independent to be subsidiary in 2017. Though only one year age, but products have already used in more than 30 countries and products get approved by Jcdecaux, Dahua, Hikvision etc. Here you will get fully professional solution of Pole led display. Welcome your coming.

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