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The Importance of Smart LED Displays in the Future

The Importance of Smart LED Displays in the Future

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With the world development and consumers' updating on goods,  the intelligent products are more and more popular in different fields.  So it is in LED Display field. Clients not not only ask advertising, but also ask beautiful appearance, multi fuctions, multi ads request, easy and convenient using, cluster management etc.

In the 21st century, smart LED displays show a momentum of differentiation and diversification in the application of products. Intelligent traffic, intelligent large-screen monitoring, intelligent stage, intelligent advertising and other various industries, intelligent small spacing, intelligent full-color LED display, intelligent transparent display and other intelligent LED display products. However, no matter how many fields and how many products, there is no denying that the current intelligent LED display product research and development is more designed and developed for user-level operators, which can truly solve the general needs of users.

So why are smart LED display products better?  Mainly three important issue as below.

1. Intelligent monitor the LED display working.
Smart LED display can easily realize a relatively convenient management. For example, it can monitor whether the working status of the current LED large display is normal or not, and whether the modules, power supply, etc. are damaged, failure happens, etc., which will not be a great effort and can save a lot of costs.
Smart LED Displays
2. Intelligent update and management
The smart LED display is using could not only deliver online content when and where, not only accept data cable connecting but also wifi, 3G, 4G. You could use PC, Laptop, tablet, Phone to edit program . Even just use WeChat code scanning operation LED advertising screen, playing games, they are ultimately to bring the maximum value of LED display.

3. Intelligent control
Most users are non-professional LED users. In the face of complex settings, complicate interfaces are making goods hard to operate.  Tecnon simplified the operation interface.  Such as turn on/off panel, brightness adjusting, emergency message etc all could be one click solved. Controlling become simple and convenient.
Smart LED Displays
Tecnon Smart Display, the only manufacturer focus on smart led display business. Products including smart pole led display and smart floor standing LED Kiosk. Accept customized requests and now goods popular used in more than 50 countries which including Netherlands, Germany, United State, Japan , Pakistan, Malaysia etc. Also, partner with world brands like JCDecaux, Huawei, Hikvision, Dahua etc.  Sure our products more and more intelligent and popular all over the world.

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