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The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept

The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept

Access:421 Time:2018.07.18
With the development of smart city construction in China, the application of hardware and software infrastructure in various smart cities has become popular. In the LED industry, the new adjustment of product lines and marketing to cater for the construction of smart city has long been the consensus of many industrial enterprises. 

As an important category of the LED smart city terminal, pole led display has been more and more concerned and applied by outdoor advertising operations companies, outdoor media companies, business complex operators, the public administration department and the Urban Construction Department of the smart city pay more attention to pole Smart LED Display. Because pole Smart LED Display has powerful and comprehensive product performance, dual high value of both commercial and people's livelihood services, the convenience of operation and simplicity of operation. 

The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept

In this Internet era, the intelligence, connection and collaboration of IOT will not only lead to fourth industrial revolutions but also have a profound influence on urban management and people's life, which leads to the concept of the smart city.

Smart cities rely on Internet channels to achieve intelligent municipal administration, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, and intelligent street lamps. Intelligent street light are integrated with wireless hotspot , electronic ads, electric car charging stations and intelligent city data acquisition nodes (temperature, humidity, security monitoring, traffic flow, PM2.5, noise, etc.). Turning the streetlight into a wit node, the energy consumption and handling costs of urban street lamps can be greatly reduced, and some value-added services (such as advertising, car charging, etc.) are carried out. 

The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept 1

The electronic advertising distribution system can publish information about surrounding business circle, car line information, site information inquiry, public service advertising and so on. It uses the network to handle long distance handling. Video, audio, animation, picture information, subtitles, web pages, streaming media and other wonderful advertisements and service information broadcast through the led display panel attract the attention of the people, bring accurate and useful advertising (information release) effect for the enterprise, and enhance the brand image of the enterprise together with the benefit of advance operation. 

The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept 3

Functional standard
The display panel made of high-definition led display panel with a size of 768 x 1536 x 180 (a specific wide and high pixel 192X384) pole led display. It displays government publicity, public service ads, fire promotion and other video ads, picture advertisement, weather forecast, real-time information inserting and publishing information through Web platform. It supports multilevel authority management. On the basis of cluster control, the concept of smart city application is introduced. The display panel is not just for advertising, television news (such as emergency notice), real-time weather, security notice, monitoring cameras installed on the screen. Surveillance cameras will also be installed on the panel. It allows timely broadcast of the safety information, traffic conditions, emergencies and so on. For example, someone robbed a vehicle, plate number, suspect information and so on can be quickly transmitted to the panel. Looking forward to the future based on internet+ and could servers, the display panel is an interface for human-computer interaction, such as the information panel of the urban transport hub showing the current flight information, the dynamic information of the traffic, the unsold ticket situation. The display panel can show the movie tickets that are still not sold in the vicinity of the movie theatre in the first half hours of the movie, the vacant beds that still have no guests in the hotel, and the promotion food on the day of the supermarket. 

Unlike traditional outdoor signs such as conventional LED display panel or advertisement lamp box, Pole Smart LED Display not only can realize remote management and content switching but also can monitor traffic, security, human flow, temperature and humidity, PM2.5 value in real time by using the functions of intelligent monitoring, environmental monitoring, intelligent display and so on. In addition, pedestrians close to the equipment can also use the hot spots brought by the device to free WiFi Internet access. 

The Led Display Application On Pole Annotate The Smart City Terminal Concept 4

In the course of the construction of smart cities, Tecnon has taken the leading position in the country regardless of the top-level design, system construction, and the application of various new intelligent terminals.

Tecnon's Pole Smart LED Display could not only play video,text and other multimedia content but also use the mobile phone to connect Wi-Fi to the Internet, monitor road video information. It also can display temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 value and other environmental data, and can also play convenience services and information to achieve commercial value and people's livelihood service functions. Have you seen a new smart city terminal like this? 

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