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The Opinion on Pole Display from a LED Display Professor

The Opinion on Pole Display from a LED Display Professor

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Pole displays (somewhere called pole led display or pole led sign) are the window of a city and the eyes of a city.

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Pole displays are a window of a city, standing in the streets and lanes, standing in the scenic area, standing in the business district, showing the city a splendid, beautiful, brilliant, technological and prosperous appearance to the tourists and the citizens, and telling the visitors about their history and development. Let visitors know about the city and citizens like the city.

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Pole led displays are the eye of the city. They exist everywhere, beautify everywhere and service everywhere. They make the city more intelligent, more convenient and safe.

Pole display became a city card.

However, the bad quality of some pole display not helping to build the city, but become the city's failure, destroying the image of a city.

From a popular article "Looking at the disorder of pole LED screens from Kuala Lumpur", I can realize that some manufacturers of pole LED display scramble and deceiving mass the market. These sentences may too severity, but it is true.

The Kuala Lumpur pole screen phenomenon is not unique. It exists all over the world. For customers, the products they buy are to improve and beautify a city, to profit little for feeding the family, to trust the manufacturer. However, the products that ruin everything. They hurt the customers, destroy led display manufacturer’s reputation and together with the city.

Just like the street light years ago, large quantity LED lighting manufacturers have invested in it. It feels very simple to do but at last large quantity died after a short time using.

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So it is in pole led display. The traditional LED display manufacturers think pole display is also very simple. Simply add holes on normal led display and offering to the customers. At last problems a lot which leads to the problem in Kuala Lumpur.

Technically speaking, the pole display is outdoor products. Firstly the brightness should above 5000nits but should automatically be adjusted to be 1000nits around at night.

Secondly, the waterproof and heat dissipation are important in pole display. The waterproof ask no in holes but heat dissipation requires holes. How to solve this? Obviously, most poles led display manufacturers have not solved this conflict.

And also other problems which should be attention.

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As general manager of Tecnon, Mr. Hao said, "Pole display must be light and thin, high-definition, energy-saving, good-looking appearance, high waterproof requirements, anti-typhoon, anti-ultraviolet, automatic brightness adjustment, synchronous switching, remote hard power failure, remote cluster control and so on. All of this is not traditional LED display manufacturers can accumulate in one year and two years. It requires a lot of experience in on-site installation and use. It requires a lot of research and development, and all-round considerations can reach the scene requirements of the pole display. And this is the reason Tecnon Smart displays exist. Tecnon focuses on this for years. And we have solved these and offering more and more products come to the market."

Let’s expect Tenon's products.
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