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Three Basic Design Forms Of Stage LED Display

Three Basic Design Forms Of Stage LED Display

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Just take the large display as the whole stage design, the large display design as the background, side screen, the space and time in the scene all let the large display to finish, the actors do the unreal performance.

This scenario is used in many places, and of course it has the advantage of saving time and money. A picture can explain everything in the story. A video picture gives the whole show a sense of form, especially for some local TV stations, which bought a large display and saved a lot of money for dancing.

However, in doing so, it is inevitable that the whole stage will be conceptualized. Today, we will perform a rural scene with a picture of a farm house as the background. Tomorrow, we will perform a city with a picture of a high-rise building. Without the characteristics of the stage, the stage is also very thin, without the sense of cubism. When the audience slightly deviates from the angle, they will see a plane, maybe with some reflection.

The best form of such stage form should be the Spring Festival of CCTV in 2012. The whole stage, with big displays up and down, left and right, looks like a box set, so the small display in the large plane can be lifted and lowered separately. When programs need to mountain stage mesa small screen through their respective lift to get along with the shape of the mountain again on the basis of this, plus the stereo image of the mountain, the background scenery rendering mountains as the background, the configuration of large screen display on top of the sky, plus video production team video on the image of elaborate processing, group established a three-dimensional lifelike, the ideal of the virtual space, and space image can be a sport.
Three Basic Design Forms Of Stage LED Display
Look from the vision, the stage is overall and atmosphere, but from close range, LED large display was grainy and not reality, has the alienation effect, do the lack of a little is left to lighting design play space is too small, because is a box set, to the position of the lighting installation is extremely limited, so on the lack of atmosphere, the environment light, make stage is lack of the atmosphere of the scene. Such a stage is expensive to build, and it is difficult to present perfect stage effect when all the stages are built with LED display alone.

According to the stage frame LED display as the main body, in each unit display around the left lighting position of the stage.

Such a stage is also relatively common, like the evening party of "good boy for fighting" of dragon TV, built a stage frame of overall depth type, the screen is strewn at random to hang on such stage frame, the computer lamp of shake head is hanged between screen. It is because the screen so the arrangement of the depth of strewn at random have send, the disappearance of the stage to the distance, make the whole picture of the depth of field, have very strong perspective, combined with so much to light hanging on the edge and play space, the stage is a good atmosphere and move feeling, also express the theme of the party. However, this stage structure will be much simpler, not vivid.

The large LED display is used as the "center" of the stage, or the big background of the stage, plus the real scene in front of it, to form the stage set.

In 2012, the CCTV Mid-Autumn festival evening party, the design is more ingenious. Over Fuzhou ancient buildings, built a big moon with LED display. In architectural space in front of the stage, the party building as the background, with full moon as the main elements of performance, stage design clever, make the LED display with one integrated mass, in line with the party theme, and stage in the form of feeling and stereo sense is very strong, also gives the light there is enough space, such a stage that is in line with the traditional aesthetic idea, also increased the elements of modern science and technology, both in terms of blurring vision is very real, present a more perfect stage effect.

Of course, the style of the stage is various, and there will be different forms of stage performance in each era. However, LED undoubtedly has become a trend of the Times, which can be seen everywhere in every corner of life, and is even more indispensable on the stage. Applied science and technology is not the only means, the key is what we can use to achieve the ideal stage effect.
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