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Three Full Cast Aluminum Pole Display Of Tecnon Officially Put On The Market

Three Full Cast Aluminum Pole Display Of Tecnon Officially Put On The Market

Access:191 Time:2019.01.16
In the second half of 2018, with the acceleration of commercialization of 5G and the large-scale investment of smart cities, the construction boom of smart pole display is also higher than the waves. It is not difficult to see that the smart pole display will become the next wave of “real estate finance” and will receive a lot of capital blessing. pole displays, as an important part of smart street lights, will also be widely concerned by the market. However, due to the limitation of the weight of the light poles, the pole displays will have stricter requirements on the weight.

In fact, most of the previous pole displays used galvanized panels to design the cabinet. However, the market could not accept such weight, which caused problems. Therefore, how to reduce the weight of the pole display is becoming urgent technical challenge.

In this context, Tecnon, as the influential pole display provider in the industry, chose to find another way to optimize the profile application and upgrade from galvanized sheet to profile aluminum. However, this measure has a great improvement in appearance and weight for application requirements, but it is far from the market requirements. Therefore, Tecnon accumulated a large amount of capital, manpower and material resources with the accumulation of a large number of project experience, plus the standardization of the various functional modules of the LED light pole screen, and gradually sprinted to the fully cast aluminum structure.

Tecnon full cast aluminum pole display 400mm*1000mm

After more than a year of careful preparation, finally on November 28th, the prototype of the three fully cast aluminum LED light pole screens of Tecnon was finally successfully illuminated (400*1000, 600*1200, 800*1400). The exquisite appearance, ultra-light weight, exquisite craftsmanship and powerful functions make the pole display that is a highly customized product takes a big step towards standardization.

It is worth mentioning that Tecnon is currently the first provider in the industry to design pole display with fully cast aluminum, which requires long-term experience accumulation, sales volume and market response to support. The cabinet of the pole display is bulky. The cost of opening a mold is extremely high and the risk is high. And three sets of different sizes of boxes require hundreds of thousands or even millions of inputs. Once it fails, the loss is huge.

Tecnon full cast aluminum pole display 600mm*1200mm

Throughout the moment, Tecnon is the only company that clearly focuses on pole displays. The entire team has more than three years of pole display design and sales experience. At the same time, it is an enterprise that also has a relatively large number of pole display shipments. The positioning of the company, the support of sales volume, the accumulation of experience of the design team, and the strong financial support behind it, enable Tecnon to have a more forward-looking vision. Tecnon sought to meet the market demand and finally completed a major upgrade of the all-cast aluminum structure.

We all know that there are many models of pole displays, and they have many functions and high requirements. The challenge of Tecnon's comprehensive upgrade of fully cast aluminum structure is great. Any change of accessories means comeback (module size, power supply size, control card size, fan, light sensor, sound, protector, Cameras, amplifiers, etc. need to be considered). Therefore, in the past year, Tecnon spent a lot of time to improve and unify the functional modules of the pole display, in order to prepare for the upgrade of the fully cast aluminum box.

Tecnon full cast aluminum LED light pole screen 800mm*1400mm

Of course, the launch of Tecnon's all-cast aluminum pole display is just the beginning of the road to upgrade. The next step is to optimize the structural innovation of the fully cast aluminum box. At present, Tecnon pole display could already achieve a thickness of 7.5CM. Each unit weighs only 15KG. However, in order to enrich the scene application in this era of demand, Tecnon's research and development goal is to design the pole display like "jewelry". Tecnon is committed to making the whole product more beautiful and lighter, making it a top-grade technology craft.

Although the investment in the fully cast aluminum structure of the pole display will be large at the beginning, as the sales volume expands, the individual cost will drop rapidly. Therefore, the price of the pole display of the fully cast aluminum box is actually cheaper and the delivery time is shorter than that of the ordinary box. In general, only the box of the fully cast aluminum structure can really make the pole display cheaper, the appearance is more beautiful, and the delivery time is faster. It could be seen that with the pole display of the fully cast aluminum box, Tecnon has found the  point between the product and the demand, and the market competitive advantage will be further strengthened.
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