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The Top Ten Trends Of Full Color LED Display In The Future

The Top Ten Trends Of Full Color LED Display In The Future

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The full color LED display is a kind of LED display with rich colors. It is composed of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit board. Each 256 levels of gray for red, green and blue and constitute 16, 777, 216 kinds of color, enabling the electronic screen to display dynamic images with rich color, high saturation, high resolution, high display frequency.
Full Color LED Display

With clear picture, uniform color, high brightness, super bright LED, the full color LED display is still visible at long distance. The effect is good. With non-linear correction technology, the image is clearer and more layered. Strong reliability: distributed scanning technology and modular design technology are adopted, and reliability and stability are much higher. Display mode diversification: support multiple display modes. Easy to operate: with universal video play software, the system is very convenient to operate.

The top ten trends of Full Color LED Display in the future

I. Oversize screen
The rise and development of full color LED display provides the foundation and appeal for the supersize of the screen. At present, some specific markets, such as large advertising business circle and large amusement places, are vigorously building large LED display screens in order to attract more attention from advertisers and audiences.

Water Cube in Beijing. With a total area of 12,000 square meters, the world's largest LED display building has attracted the worldwide attention. In the future, the supersizing of full color LED display area will present more amazing projects, which is the trend of the industry development and the progress of social development. However, it should be noted that while the full-color display is in pursuit of super-size, the product quality of the display and the positive energy it brings must be considered.

Full Color LED Display

Ⅱ. High definition and high density
High definition and high density are the development trend of full color display image. In order to obtain better viewing effect, people need to restore the authenticity of colors from simple full color to lifelike, and at the same time, they need to realize the comfortable and clear image display as TV on the smaller screen. Therefore, the high-definition display, represented by the high density and small spacing LED display, will be the development trend in the future.
Differ from the large-size display, the high definition and high-density full color display seeks for better display effect on a smaller display, especially for the high-density display screen like LED super TV, which is the key to further expand in the commercial field and high-end civil field.
Full Color LED Display

Ⅲ. Energy-saving
Energy-saving is the direction of any industry in China. Full color LED display involves the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy-saving is related to the interests of full color LED display operators, as well as the use of national energy. From the current situation, the energy saving LED display will not add much cost than the conventional display, and it will save cost in the later use, which is highly praised by the market.
As an energy-saving LED display, it must be a comprehensive result under a variety of indicators. High-brightness LED lights, driving IC, switching power supply, product power consumption design, intelligent energy saving system design and structural energy saving design and other factors are related to the energy saving effect. Therefore, the realization of energy saving goal requires the joint efforts of the whole industry.
Full Color LED Display
IV. Intelligent
Just like energy saving, intelligent is also the product of full color LED display development to a certain stage. The intellectualization of full color LED display is reflected in the coordination between the display and intelligent operation, such as the new advertising mode of interactive game with pedestrians on the subway advertising screen started to emerge at the end of last year. Through the intelligent induction of LED display, the participants only need to use their hands to make gestures to complete all kinds of actions prompted on the display, including making breakfast, playing games and so on.

V.Thin and light
In order to meet the needs of modern society, on one side, the internal quality of the full color LED display is improved, while on the other side, external forms such as product appearance, volume and weight also are improved. The thin and light full color display is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supported building objects, which is safer and more beautiful. The thinness of full color LED display drives the thinness of related parts and components, such as the increasingly thin power supply and the increasingly thin box.

Ⅵ. Normalize point by point correction
As the application of full color LED display becomes more and more extensive, people's pursuit of picture display is not limited to the initial effect, but to maintain better picture effect after a period of time.
With the increasing number of indoor and outdoor full color LED display projects, the displays with different quality begin to appear in people's vision. By contrast, the displays without point-by-point correction obviously cannot meet the needs of owners and the attention of audiences. Point-by-point correction technology is maturing, and prices are falling, which making full color LED displays even more impressive. In the future, point-by-point correction will become the normal technology of full color display.

Full Color LED Display

Ⅶ. Popularization of the full color LED display
In the past, LED display were mostly used in high-end places, such as banks, stock exchanges, etc., and they were mostly single-dual-color displays. The appearance of full color display breaks the scope of use of the display and expands the application space to indoor and outdoor. The technological progress, the plummeting price and the mature service level about the full color LED display have made China as the world manufacturing country, which has triggered the climax of using the full color display in China.

ⅤⅢ. Indoor display for outdoor
The development of outdoor advertising has created a wide application space for LED display. Traditional advertising media companies have stepped up the layout of outdoor display to occupy business circles in various regions. And the LED display manufacturers are also joining the army of outdoor advertising industry to directly participate in the market competition.

In the future, the outdoor surface full color LED display will gradually replace the straight-insert product and truly realize the development trend of indoor display for outdoor use. At the same time, all outdoor surface full color LED display are also combined with high density products. At present, it has been fully applied to high density outdoor surface full color LED display with version P5 and below.

Ⅸ. The combination of decoration, landscape and display
When all the buildings in the city are innovatively using full color LED display, how to combine the display with the building more perfectly becomes the requirement of customers. In many cases, a building itself is an ingenious design. If you want to install LED displays on the outside of the building or on the surface, you need to pay attention to the design of the display body. At present, a lot of customized LED displays have been designed according to the requirements of the building, such as bar display and bead display, etc., which can not only effectively display the picture, but also do not cover the building itself, and the appearance is beautiful and complement each other.

Full Color LED Display

X. Enterprise about LED display concurrently operated lighting
In the future, the 10th development trend of LED display is the relationship with lighting. When the LED display gradually enters the mature period, the market growth rate is limited, and the competition increases day by day, the LED lighting prospect is infinitely amplified, and the broad market capacity attracts many industries and internal capital and enterprises to enter. It has become a common phenomenon for display enterprises to invest heavily in lighting while operating the display. So far, in the display industry, there are much more enterprises engaged in lighting field, but the number of enterprises is basically unchanged.

In order to harvest their own market in lighting market, the enterprises produced display usually need to face competition from traditional lighting enterprises, professional lighting enterprises and other enterprises. At the same time, it is a long-term and huge investment before the lighting market fully explodes. Capital and strength determine the reserves of enterprises. As an interdisciplinary enterprise with both display and lighting, it needs to cope with the challenges and pressure from both markets. If properly managed, it will make double profits.

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