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What is the Working Principles of Transparent LED Display?

What is the Working Principles of Transparent LED Display?

Access:440 Time:2018.03.30
With the continuous development of display technology and the continuous expansion of the area of urban architectural glass curtain wall, a new form of display screen appears in our eyes, which is transparent LED display. The transparent LED display is favored by the market for its high permeability and transparent display, without affecting the excellent performance of indoor lighting. Many customers are unfamiliar with the concept of transparent screens, especially with their display principles. So, what is the display principles of transparent LED display?

Transparent LED display, which is also known as LED transparent screen . As what its name implies, the greatest feature is its penetration rate. Its high permeability is closely related to its special material, structure and installation method.

Transparent LED display is actually a kind of LED displays, and it has a certain commonality with conventional LED display. In terms of display technology, transparent LED displays and self-luminous displays are the same as conventional display screens. Unlike projection and rear projection display technologies, they can play dynamic videos and images independently without the use of projection and other tools. In terms of product materials, transparent LED display uses aluminum box and ultra-thin PCB board, in this way can it be perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment. If one sees from a long distance , the basic structure of the bracket can not be seen . Through the glass ,the interior things could be seen; In terms of product structure, the transparent LED display combines the principle of shutter structure, which is transparently formed by the gaps formed by the light bars, and it will not affect the indoor lighting. After lighting, it can play dynamic advertisement information such as pictures and videos.

The LED transparent screen adopts the side-light patented technology, which makes the light emitting angle and the surface of the PCB emit light in parallel, and further it improves the transparent transmittance of the product under the premise of ensuring the normal production process of the machine. Due to the special nature of the glass curtain wall window and other environments, the transparent LED display cabinet is more customized. The LED transparent screen adopts a simplified box design, which reduces the width of the box keel and the number of LED lights to support a fixed number. The flexible box structure can be customized to be shaped, which is efficient and energy-saving, and fast heat dissipation.

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