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Why is the Delay-free Synchronous Switching of the Pole Led Display A Key Technical Point?

Why is the Delay-free Synchronous Switching of the Pole Led Display A Key Technical Point?

Access:269 Time:2018.11.11
With the continuous development of smart street lights, coupled with the important role played by LED smart terminals in the construction of smart cities, Tecnon pole led display (somewhere also called pole LED signage) have been recognized in the market. Tecnon pole led display not only has powerful and comprehensive functions, but also has the dual value of commercial and people's livelihood services.

It must be mentioned that the new smart street light, as a cross-border product of lighting and LED display, has greater flexibility, adaptability and scalability in practical use; The addition of the pole led display makes the smart street light more scientific and modern, and provides a more comprehensive, accurate and efficient management, application and service for the successful completion of the smart street light project.

Pole Led Display

However, the pole led display placed on both sides of the road may have hundreds of units in the same scene, which brings certain difficulties to management. Therefore, the use of network cluster control to achieve delay-free synchronous switching is a key technical point. In addition, the pole led display is also an integral part of the urban lighting project, and it plays an important role in beautifying the urban environment and improving the overall image of the city. Therefore, if the screen playback cannot be switched without delay, it will affect the cityscape.

What is synchronous switching: That is, when 100 pole led displays are installed along the street, all of them are playing, changing uniformed . This is a key technical difficulty in the display of the pole led display, and it is also a highlight. Therefore, the pole led display is also part of the urban lighting project.

In addition, in order to ensure the accurate synchronization of the pole led display, GPS, RF signal and WiFi signal have been experienced to realize the synchronization. Now RF signals have become the mainstream control method for synchronous switching of pole led display.

Pole Led Display

Tecnon Smart display has much experience in the use of synchronous switching related technologies. You can use mobile phones, PAD, and computers to control intelligent network clusters through 4G, WIFI, and network cables. It could manage the pole led display terminal of any access server to realize wireless remote real-time publishing of information. Through the accurate test of professional and technical personnel, the synchronous switching has no delay. And it has many advantages such as switching without black screen, video screen not stuck, screen display continuous and stable operation. It also greatly reduces the cost of manual operations.

It is worth mentioning that Tecnon smart display is mainly based on the people's livelihood project. LED terminal products with more distinctive features and higher functional integration are always active in transportation, community, campus, scenic area, business district, park and other fields. Faced with the changing needs of the market, Tecnon has accelerated the integration of software and hardware resources through technological innovation, and launched LED intelligent terminal solutions that are closer to specific industry applications and become the mainstream of the industry. 
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