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Why Do Pole Digital Signage Need Have Photo-Resistors?

Why Do Pole Digital Signage Need Have Photo-Resistors?

Access:299 Time:2018.11.07
Recently, when talking about the hot streetlight project with the professional technicians of Tecnon, we found that many people focus on new functions such as WIFI, radio, one-button alarm, charging pile, etc. They have neglected the smart street light as a livelihood project. Energy conservation and no-light pollution are the people's concern, and at the same time it is also a hard requirement for smart street lamps.

On the other hand, the pole digital signage is used as the display carrier of the smart street light. When the brightness of the screen backlight is not coordinated with the environment, it is likely to affect the vision of the passing driver. Therefore, automatic brightness adjustment is a key part of the Pole standing display design.

Pole Digital Signage

Based on this consideration, "thick chip" must be used in design. The brightness of the pole digital signage is designed to be 7000 cd/sqm, and the brightness is adjusted to about 4500 cd/sqm when using, and then the photo-resistor is enabled on this basis. Because the time of day and night is not the same, and you can’t estimate sunny, cloudy, and rainy days. So only by manual plus automatic way can truly achieve the accuracy of the pole digital signage. It solves the problem of no light pollution and realizes energy saving.

Not only that, the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the pole digital signage is not as simple as adding a photo-resistor. It is necessary to pass a lot of project experience, long-term testing and correction to ensure the brightness of the pole digital signage during the day. The brightness of the evening can also come down.

Pole Digital Signage
It is worth mentioning that Tecnon smart display, as a LED smart city terminal service provider, has 4 years of experience in brightness adjustment testing on terminal products such as pole digital signage and floor standing digital signage. Therefore, it is more mature, stable, reliable and safe in application.

At the same time, Tecnon smart display also relies on the core industry team's 14 years of LED industry products and market experience, exhausting the current new materials, new technologies, new features, and new ideas. Tecnon smart display further breaks the boundaries of innovation and makes smart terminal products such as LED light pole screens lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful, and strives to become the main supplier of pole digital signage in the smart street light market.
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