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Why Does Pole Display Need Brightness of 7000CD?

Why Does Pole Display Need Brightness of 7000CD?

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Since the beginning of 2018, the pole display (somewhere called led sign or pole led display) market has obviously warmed up, and the demand has more outbreaks. This has undoubtedly attracted many companies in the LED display industry to intervene in this market segment. But most of them think that pole display is very simple. As long as there is capital, anyone can do it, even staying in the thinking mode of the LED display. This lead to problems and hurt customer and destroy China manufacturer’ s reputation.

Pole led display should provide sufficient brightness, waterproof, high-temperature resistance, energy saving, synchronization, remote power on/off control etc. In this, brightness and heat release is the most important.

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The most manufacturer only is attention that brightness should above 5000nits. However, this is not enough, brightness should above 7000 nits.

1. Panel display area is small: It needs higher brightness to achieve attention, such as 100 square P10 conventional screens, illuminating 200 meters range, only 4500cd brightness is enough, but less than 2 square poles LED screen needs more than 5000cd Brightness in order to attract the attention of pedestrians.

2. The Pole display has higher strict requirements for energy saving: If an LED display could achieve a brightness of 7000 cd and work at 5000 cd, this will save 30% power this will be more possible to use on-street compare to 100% power consumption.

3.The heat release requirement: The pole display usually has ultra-thin volume and small internal space, the temperature inside could easily reach 80°C at noon in summer. In order to control the internal temperature, the brightness is better adjusted to 7000 cd and then adjusted to 5000 cd to use. This could give less pressure to inside devices. So less heat producing and easy for release.

4.Lifetime guarantee: We all know that the LED lamp brightness will attenuate by using. If maximum brightness is 5500cd and working 100%, the product attenuation is the fastest. If maximum brightness is 7000cd and working at 5000cd,  this attenuation is the slowest and panel could working long as to 8 years.

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Tecnon products are all applied customized SMD1919 and SMD1515. Each lamp is using a thicker chip. So same current but higher brightness. Also together with lower voltage input and energy-saving design. Guarantee less heat production together with higher brightness. This lead the market and outstanding from others.

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