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Why Fail To Manufacturing Pole Signage With Traditional LED Display Thinking?

Why Fail To Manufacturing Pole Signage With Traditional LED Display Thinking?

Access:474 Time:2018.11.27
Recently, in the 2018 information and communication industry exchange seminar, Alex Hao, general manager of Tecnon, gave a keynote speech on pole signage conference, which triggered the industry's contemplation on conventional LED display. In fact, with the accelerated pace of smart city construction and the continuous evolution of LED display technology, the LED display industry has shown diversified development. And as a result, many subdivisions have been developed, and pole signage is one of the fastest growing ones. 


So far, the new application form and the breakthrough display technology have made pole signage rise rapidly in just a few years. It even fills the gap in the LED display industry in the field of smart street lights. As the earliest pole signage provider in the smart terminal field, Tecnon has its pole signage products applied in many smart lighting projects in many parts of the country.
What has to be said is that after years of experience in the project of Tecnon, the pole signage has a small area and a large amount of delivery. And it is installed on the pole of 3 meters off the ground, the site is not convenient for maintenance, and it has a very bad effect when it goes wrong. Therefore, we cannot use the technology of traditionally led screens to seek breakthroughs. Instead, we need to break the thinking circle of conventional screen manufacturing to meet the needs of the current market. After discussing with Tecnon general manager Alex, everyone knows why it is undoubtedly to use the technology and thinking of conventional screens to pole signage. There are several reasons for this:

1. The material of the conventional screen is really cheap, but the power consumption of the finished product is high. As a livelihood project, the smart streetlight is equipped with the pole signage, which has the dual value of commercial and people's livelihood services. Therefore, energy saving is one of the basic requirements that must be fulfilled. The material of the conventional screen is cheap, but the direct consequence is that the power consumption is high, so the energy saving and consumption reduction requirements are not matched.

2. The traditional screen has less power and fan configuration and cannot withstand 80 °C high temperature. The pole signage is mounted on the streetlight poles on both sides of the road. In addition, it is an all-metal structure and small in size, and the temperature inside the cabinet can reach 60 ° C or higher even in the summer without working. Therefore, in order to meet the demand of high-temperature resistance of 80 ° C, the pole signage not only increases the amount of power, but also increases the number of fans inside the cabinet.

3. The traditional screen does not require high brightness, sharpness and other parameters, and the appearance is not beautiful enough to meet the scene of the streetlight. The pole signage is a product that can fully match the smart streetlight pole. The exquisite and beautiful appearance can make it look scientific and modern. At the same time, the smaller size of the pole signage requires higher brightness and higher definition display to achieve sufficient attention. Therefore, the pole signage must meet the hard application requirements of high brightness (7000 cd), high definition, and beautiful appearance.

4. The traditional screen function is single and not intelligent enough to be the heavy responsibility of the smart terminal. The pole signage is part of a smart city and is the front entry point for the layout of the city's Internet of Things, so the collection and analysis of big data is one of the required functions. At the same time, the pole signage also has high-intelligence application functions such as audio, WIFI probe, automatic brightness adjustment, synchronous switching, intelligent temperature control, intelligent monitoring, and network control. In this way, it can continue to deepen in the dimensions of big data, application scenarios, and smart interconnection.


With the rising trend of the construction of smart streetlights, pole signage has also presented a new wave of development. As a provider, Tecnon's pole signage products are more mature, stable, reliable and safe in application. In the future, Tecnon will also exhaust the current new materials, new technologies, new functions and new ideas with a more forward-looking vision. Tecnon will continue to seize the commanding heights of the market with LED terminal products that are lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful.
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