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Why Is The Pole Led Display So Popular?

Why Is The Pole Led Display So Popular?

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By the end of 2017, the total mileage of expressways in China was 1.3 million kilometers. and this ranked No.1 in the world. It is expected to increase by 5000 kilometers in 2018. The increase of highway construction has promoted the vigorous development of outdoor advertising industry, making the market demand for Pole Led Display more and more. As early as 2012, the total of the domestic high-definition Pole Smart LED Display has reached 59 billion 30 million yuan, and the electronic panel advertising of high-definition Pole Smart LED Display occupies the largest market share. It reached 16 billion 170 million yuan. Why is the Pole Led Display so popular?

Why Is The Pole Led Display So Popular

This pole Led display is suitable for the display of road lights on both sides of the highway and street. Although the area is smaller, it can be put into a variety of road advertising, compared with the traditional light box advertising. The small range of information spread has gradually expanded, greatly improving the publicity of advertising. The installation is much more convenient than the LED large panel. The Pole Led Display only needs the aid of the lamp post, without too much manpower.

The visual charm on the road

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Pole Led Display stand on each of the street lamps not only can realize the comprehensive utilization of the road lamp, making the road no longer monotonous, but also rich and colourful decorative pictures, beautification of the city according to different festivals. At the same time, it can also provide the public with weather changes, environmental pollution values and road traffic conditions, which will bring more convenience to the public.

Pole Led Display not only has a good market prospect in China but with the promotion of "one area and one road", the overseas market of the Pole Led Display will be further expanded. 

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