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Why Pole Digital Display Should Add Waterproof Plate on Top

Why Pole Digital Display Should Add Waterproof Plate on Top

Access:335 Time:2018.11.01
Pole digital display is widely used as an indispensable part of the current smart street light project which exist everywhere. As a LED smart terminal product service provider, Tecnon smart display has also participated in many smart streetlight renovation projects across the country & world. Tecnon deeply realized that pole digital display not only need to various options, but also durable to use for long time.

Pole digital display

For outdoor environment, withstand the raining and sunshine are necessary. Especially waterproof is important and continuous issue. If there is no suitable waterproof solution, the water enter inside.  Not only may damage the devices which effect the inside panel working, but also reduce lifespan. Even lead to fair and explore.

According to years experience on pole digital display, Tecnon found that the waterproof board made of stainless steel not only has poor adhesion, but also has superior waterproof performance. It could also prevent the excrement of birds from staying and corroding the surface, greatly enhancing the panel lifespan.

Pole digital display
Tecnon smart display products not only have the advantage of waterproof, but also high brightness (7000cd), high-definition, energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, intelligent monitoring, wireless management, intelligent temperature control and so on. The product has been designed in an elegant and fashionable style, and the professional surface technology of galvanized steel plate is not only exquisite in appearance, but also achieves the protection effect of IP65, and can ensure that the product can be used outdoors for eight years without fading.

Tecnon has always been committed to exhausting the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts, and making smart city terminal products such pole digital display and floor standing led totems lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. They are always being called leader in this field. Hope they continuously bring good products to world.
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