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Why Should Pole Digital Display Suppliers Have Patent Protection?

Why Should Pole Digital Display Suppliers Have Patent Protection?

Access:328 Time:2018.11.28
With the advancement of modern science and technology, the recognition of patents in all walks of life is getting stronger and stronger. To a certain extent, patents are the core competitiveness of products and an effective carrier of technical information. For the LED display industry, in today's increasingly homogenized, patents not only provide good protection for their own innovative products but also stimulate the industry's exploration of product innovation.

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Today, with the construction of smart cities accelerating, the layout of smart street light is also being comprehensively promoted. As a part of the smart street light, pole digital displays are equipped with many innovative functions and technologies, which make the pole digital display provider including Tecnon show unprecedented development space in the field of LED display segmentation. The patent is a guarantee for technological advancement and innovation for the pole digital display . Therefore, the patented pole digital display provider has a more obvious development advantage in the market. In the final analysis, there are several reasons:

1. At present, pole digital display is still in the early stage of development and plays an indispensable role in the smart street light project. According to Articles 60 and 65 of Chapter 7 of the Patent Law: Without the permission of the patentee, the implementation of its patent, that is, infringement of its patent right, causing a dispute, shall be settled by the parties through negotiation; If they are unwilling to negotiate or fail to negotiate, the patentee or interested party may sue the people's court. According to the type of patent right, the nature of the infringement and the circumstances, it is determined that the infringer shall be compensated for less than 10,000 yuan but not more than one million yuan. If the circumstances are serious, the person responsible for the infringement may be directly investigated for criminal responsibility.

2. The design is the key part of the pole digital display, which also occupies a large proportion in the market competition, and is also an intangible asset of the pole digital display provider. Article 11 of Chapter 1 of the Patent Law clearly states that after the design patent right is granted, no unit or individual may implement its patent without the permission of the patentee. That is, it is not allowed to manufacture, sell or import its design patent products for the purpose of production and operation. If the pole digital display design is not protected by patents, it is easy to be imitated by others and lead to an inability to defend rights.

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3. Pole digital display is a modern high-tech product. The patent represents the R&D capabilities of providers. The patented inventions and utility models are novel, creative and practical; Therefore, for the practicality, novelty, and creativity of the product, the patent is a persuasive proof, allowing the provider to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition.

4. Since the 18th National Congress, the state has made a series of major decision-making arrangements for the implementation of the intellectual property strategy. This includes strengthening patent administrative enforcement, encouraging bold innovation, and truly stimulating innovation. Therefore, the country will continue to strengthen the protection of patent intellectual property rights in the future. Software, appearance, functions, etc. are all protected by patents. If the innovation of the pole digital display provider is not patented, it may be costly, and after the patent application is granted, there are no worries.

As a large pole digital display provider in the industry, Tecnon has obtained 2 invention patents, 10 utility models and 24 appearance patents as of 2018. In addition, there are more innovative patents in the declaration. It is not difficult to see that since its establishment, Tecnon has always attached importance to an increased product research and development. Tecnon opened the road of R&D, innovation and development with new materials, new technologies, new functions, and new ideas. Tecnon has opened up a new era of "intelligence" and launched more competitive products, which not only brings unlimited possibilities for its own development but also provides a strong guarantee for overtaking the corners and winning market recognition.

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In addition, Tecnon has also gradually transformed from "Made in China" to "Created in China". Tecnon further breaks the boundary of technological innovation and makes smart terminal products such as pole digital display and LED kiosk lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful, and opens a new era of "interconnect + sharing + intelligence".
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