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Why Pole LED Signage Equipped With Speakers?

Why Pole LED Signage Equipped With Speakers?

Access:364 Time:2018.11.16
With the gradual upgrading of smart cities, the pace of smart streetlight layout is getting faster and faster. Pole led signage(somewhere called pole led display), which are fully integrated with street light poles, are also widely used. As a most successful provider of Pole led signage in China, Tecnon has received widely attention. Particularly in quality with name card reliability, easy operation and easy maintenance.

 pole LED signage

Pole led signage has many innovative features in practical applications. Especially the improving in working performance, intelligent control and data acquisition. At the same time, the Pole led signage is also surprisingly equipped with sound, why is this? In fact, the Pole led signage is part of a smart city and is usually accompanied by an audio signal when the information is released. With the improvement of the construction of smart cities and the improvement of various convenience facilities, we can use the audio to realize remote intercom, one-button emergency help intercom and other functions.

On the other hand, smart street lights are a scene of urban management, which not only integrates lighting systems, charging piles, mobile base stations etc, but also integrates broadcasting systems. The audio of the Pole led signage could be used with it, and the audio broadcast can be started in case of emergency. At the same time, Pole led signage are used in a wide range of applications. In the scenes, schools, communities, business districts, commercial complexes and other scenarios, in addition to the audio broadcast function, there is also the need for background music playback. Therefore, the important role of sound can be imagined.

Pole led signage

In addition, after years experience in the project of Tecnon, the sound of the Pole led signage is generally not built. Therefore, it is necessary to select a sound that has strong waterproof ability and could reach a certain propagation distance, and also has high safety and excellent stability. In this way, the sound of the Pole led signage could only be customized rather optional pickup from market.

It is worth mentioning that the current construction of smart street lamps has become inevitable. Pole led signage as its important display carrier, will usher in a new round of development opportunities in the future, and may be expected to lead the development of LED display market. In the meantime, Tecnon will continue to exhaust the new materials, new technologies, new features, and new ideas to further break the boundaries of innovation. Tecnon will make smart city terminal products such as Pole led signage and outdoor LED kiosks lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient, more beautiful and cheaper. While Tecnon is at the forefront of the industry, he embraces a new era of wisdom with a new attitude.
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