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Why Does the Pole LED Signage Need Temperature Control Fan?

Why Does the Pole LED Signage Need Temperature Control Fan?

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As we all know, pole led signage (somewhere called pole led display) are installed on the street light poles that are about 3 meters away from the ground. The pole led signage are all-metal structure and the internal space is small, so that the temperature inside the cabinet can reach 60 ° C or more even without working in the summer. Therefore, the fan acts as an active heat sink in the pole led signage, which is indispensable.

However, for conventional screens, heat can be dissipated by means of thermal conduction. However, it is not enough for the pole led signage to rely solely on thermal conduction to dissipate heat. It must also have the function of active heat dissipation. At the same time, the fan is only a mechanical component, and it is not safe to use a conventional fan to dissipate the pole led signage, and it does not meet the service life requirement.

Pole LED Signage

Therefore, we must use the intelligent LED cooling and heating integrated temperature control system equipped with a custom-developed double-rolling shaft-mounted 5V turbo fan to achieve automatic temperature sensing inside the cabinet. We request fans to automatically turn on when the temperature reaches 30 °C. In this way, the fan could have a rest when temperature less than 30 ° C, so that less dusty and lifespan of the fan is further extended.

Looking at the current pole led display enterprises, most of them are not really realize that the pole led signage must be resistant to 80 ° C high temperature. Tecnon is outstanding from them. Tecnon uses the thicker chip, energy saving IC, low voltage input so that less heat produced. Combine with temperature control fans which perfect solving heat release problem and power consumption problems.

Pole LED Signage

It is worth mentioning that Tecnon smart display has more mature intelligent temperature control experience in the pole led signage field. Besides, the products has features such as outdoor highlighting (7000cd), high-definition energy saving, intelligent cluster control, automatic brightness adjustment, smart monitoring, wireless management, etc. Compared with other similar products in the industry, it has a greater competitive advantage.

At the same time, Tecnon smart display will continue to focus on the breakthrough and innovation of the current intelligent LED display technology, exhausting the current new materials, new technologies, new features, new ideas and will make smart city terminals such as LED light pole screens and led signage lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. Tecnon will open a new era of "interconnect + sharing + intelligence".
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