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Why Pole Mounting Led Display Able To Remotely Power Off?

Why Pole Mounting Led Display Able To Remotely Power Off?

Access:247 Time:2018.11.18
With the rapid advancement of urban construction, pole mounting led displays are indispensable display carriers and more attention from all walks of life. However, in the process of the development and maturity, the problems have gradually emerged. Such as the lacking of brightness,anti-high temperature, no energy-saving, synchronous switching and remotely power off.

pole mounting led display

Especially remotely power off is crucial which not get attention of most manufacturers.  It is the  basic requirement reasons as below:
1)The single display control request. Since the pole mounting led display shares a power system with the street light, the street light is off but display is on at daytime. Therefore, one of the control circuits to remotely and reliably power off the street light is necessary.

2)Energy saving. The general off solution is not really off. The panel is working which just show black color. So there’s continues consumption which about 10% loss, so it is necessary to remotely power off the pole mounting led display when not in use. This will not only strengthen the construction of public lighting management information, but also avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

3)Safety. This is based on equipment safety considerations. Especially in the harsh weather conditions such as lightning, heavy rain, typhoon, etc., in the case of unable to go to the site for manual power off, the device can be turned off by remote hard power off. It is convenient for remote control management to reduce the damage to equipment caused by sudden disasters.

4)Enrich the lifespan. As we all know, LED lamps are attenuated with using. Therefore, remotely power off of the pole mounting led display at unnecessary midnight period is required . Not only save energy but also prolong lifespan.

pole mounting led display

At present, Tecnon has been able to remotely manage pole mounting led displays, light boxes, street lights, charging piles, etc. with multiple control lines. In the future, Tecnon will continue to focus on the exhaustion of new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts, and make smart display products such as pole mounting led display and LED totem lighter, smarter, more energy-efficient and more beautiful. Tecnon will open up a broader market space with more competitive products.

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