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Why Should Pole Signage Should Energy Saving?

Why Should Pole Signage Should Energy Saving?

Access:391 Time:2018.10.18
With the further popularization of smart street light, it has brought a lot of convenience to people's travel. At the same time, there are data showing that the scale of China's smart street light market will reach 10 billion, which shows that its development potential is huge. The promotion of new smart street light has also attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Pole signage (Pole digital signage or pole advertising signage) is an indispensable information carrier in the intelligent street light system, making the construction, management and operation of the smart street light project simpler and more intelligent. Therefore, Pole signage are getting more and more attention from users.
Pole Signage
As a relatively important information display method for outdoor lighting, Pole signage has many unique features in design and function. At the same time, they are an important representation of new technologies and new products in the LED industry segment. At the same time, in terms of energy saving, Pole signage also have the incomparable advantages of other traditional displays, less waste. In fact, "energy saving" can be said to be a topic of common practice in the field of people's livelihood, and all walks of life have a great pursuit of "energy saving". Therefore, Pole signage with energy-saving technology undoubtedly increase their competitiveness in the market and make them stand out in the same category. At the same time, energy saving not only reduces the heat generated by the internal components of the Pole signage, but also greatly improves the service life of the product; it can also reduce the invest.

However, for Pole signage, it is not easy to achieve energy saving, but it should be reflected in details such as material selection, structural design, system design, and application landing. As a smart city terminal equipment manufacturer specializing in Pole signage, Floor standing digital signage, Tecnon has its own unique insights in energy saving. In the design, Tecnon is equipped with a light-sensing probe and an intelligent temperature control system, which not only makes the products more intelligent, but also greatly reflects the energy saving.

 Pole Signage

In fact, for LED display, automatic brightness adjustment is one of the effective ways to achieve energy saving. Therefore, the Tecnon Pole signage adds a light-sensing probe, which breaks the bottleneck of the lack of brightness during the day and the nighttime of the pole advertising signage. Tecnon Pole signage realizes automatic brightness adjustment, which reduces the heat generated by each unit and achieves energy saving effect, which can effectively avoid urban light pollution. Coupled with the intelligent temperature control system, Tecnon Pole signage has a very advantageous product advantage in terms of service life and resource loss.

However, Tecnon 's understanding of energy saving is not only as simple as adding components, but also the role of material selection and function realization. The selection of materials is from the power-consuming, driving, IC and other high-power components to start, killing high energy consumption in the cradle. The function realization is to add a remote hard power-off function for each pole signage, and can remotely power off the equipment when unnecessary, reducing waste of resources.


All along, Tecnon is very happy to embrace new technologies. Tecnon continually optimizes product performance, expands new features, breaks the boundaries of technological innovation, and transforms from quantitative to qualitative. Tecnon exhausts new materials, new technologies, new features and new ideas. Tecnon makes smart terminal products such as Pole signage and floor standing digital signage, more energy-efficient, more beautiful and smarter. Tecnon has been transformed from “Made in China” to “Intelligent in China”, providing smarter technology products in the smart city construction boom and becoming a global leader in smart city end products.
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