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Why Smart Pole LED Display So Popular?

Why Smart Pole LED Display So Popular?

Access:1121 Time:2018.03.30
Why Smart Pole LED Display so popular 1

In recentyears,many countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, Dubai,  Mexico, Italy, Netherlands , America, South Africa, etc. are installed Pole led display in their city, and quantities increased year by year. Why Pole led display so popular? Today i would like to introduce you pole led display.

Small body but with powerful advertising function
Pole led display widely installed in highway, both side of road, travel places,etc. Its size is much smaller than big led display, but put multitudinous advertising on different road. With localized information transfer wider and wider, it with great advantages in publish advertising compared with traditional light box.  Pole led display is supported by pole, 2-3 workers could finish installation, it improve a lot from big led display supported by complex steel structure.
Visual charming on road.

Comparing with static advertising, pole led display could displaying dynamical video advertising, express more content, attractive more citizens' eyes. Pole led display also synchronous displaying advertising,  drivers still accompany with HD advertising no matter how far they driving. Pole led display not only with unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcast, information publish and advertising promotion, but also good for relieving fatigue when driving on highway. Media company, advertising company and government would like to invest in it as a preferred advertising equipment.

Why Smart Pole LED Display so popular

Kindly reminder, City beautifier, Safety Supervisor and charger
Outdoor pole led display installed on both side of road,  city becoming vivid  under integrated use. Street light helps to illuminate road at night, citizens walking or driving on road safety. Colorful displaying content decorating the city. And charging equipment solve citizens urgently charging problems for car, electric car, mobile phone. Also with camera monitor, city will more safety, collected large information like citizenface, quantities, sex, car information, etc. are great help for government or companies. What's more, we could get more information about city conditions like weather, temperature, humidity, airpollution, traffic condition, etc. Life becoming more convenient.
Why Smart Pole LED Display so popular 3
Tecnon Smart Display Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd  is a holding company of  Public Company Tecnon lighting ( Stock Code: 300650 ), located in Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, the most intensive high-tech industry in China. Since the foundation, Tecnon Smart Display has been focusing on R&D, Sales and Producing Smart City Terminal Products, the products line covers Outdoor LED Floor Standing Advertising Machine, Outdoor LED Poster, Outdoor Glass Free 3D, LED Transparent Advertising Machine, Outdoor LED Column, Wall Mounted Advertising Machine, Truck LED Advertising Machine,LED Electronic Advertising Machine, LED Smart Flag Advertising Machine, LED Display for fixed installation, LED Display for rental etc. At present, it has formed a completed industrial chain including " Design solution , R&D of outdoor complete machine, metal shell processing, complete machine sales, installation and layout service network", provides industrial users with overall solution for outdoor commercial display under industry standard or customized attributes.

Tecnon Smart Display has been following the global thinking mode, with a clear global outdoor market positioning, focus on R&D, following the principle of marketing, it have domestics and overseas high-quality sales team, industry senior R&D team and production team and created a standardized management mechanism. Tecnon Smart Display as a innovative manufacturer of Smart City Terminal products, is best preferred by domestics & overseas cooperative partners for its high-quality and innovations. Now products are spread to tens of countries & regions from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa,etc. Its outdoor high brightness advertising machine have been preferred by many media company, public utility, high end enterprise group, widely used in bus stations, community parks, shopping malls, highway toll stations, traffic road lights and other places.

Tecnon Smart Display has put forward 10 millions Plan, namely sale 10 millions pieces Smart City Terminal Equipment to all over the world since the establishment. In order to reach the goal, we have to put products quality, price and service into customers’ heart, improve sales policy and management.
Smart city,smart life.Where is our product and where will it bring you convenient life.

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