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Zhengzhou Smart Pole Project Successfully Applied Tecnon Lamp Post Display

Zhengzhou Smart Pole Project Successfully Applied Tecnon Lamp Post Display

Access:361 Time:2019.02.02
Recently, the application case of Tecnon lamp post display landed in the industrial park of Zhengzhou Ouli Group in Henan. Tecnon has created a smart streetlight pole application that integrates information release, environmental monitoring, intelligent monitoring, and high-definition high-definition. It not only facilitates the management of instant information dissemination throughout the park, but also better promotes the sound development of the intelligent construction of Zhengzhou Ouli Industrial Park, and realizes the intelligent infrastructure, efficient operation management and convenient public services of Ouli Industrial Park.

Tecnon lamp post display
Zhengzhou Ouli Group is a state-controlled large-scale electronic communication equipment manufacturer. It is also an important research, development and production base for electronic communication equipment. It provides advanced systems solutions, specialized products and first-class technical services to the defense and national economic sectors. Therefore, the demand for intelligent transformation in the industrial park is more urgent, and under the supporting application of the smart pole and the lamp post display, the role of the “smart eye” of the park will be exerted, and the technology of the Ouli Industrial Park will be full of breath. And practicality, pre-emptiveness and innovation are fully reflected.

It is understood that the information release screen used in this project is Tecnon P4 model single-sided lamp post display. It could control video, graphic and text update through wireless network (3G, 4G, wifi, hotspot, etc.), and realize batch release, fixed-point release, scheduled download, emergency insertion and other functions of lamp post display bar screen programs. It does not only provides timely release of emergency information for the park, but also could play corresponding promotional content according to different festivals and major events of the company, thus creating a festive and event atmosphere. Colorful, high-definition high-definition screens can also decorate the campus environment, adding a bit of informational charm.

Tecnon lamp post display
In addition, Tecnon P4 lamp post display has the appearance of beautiful, light, stylish, high brightness, high color rendering coefficient, waterproof, explosion-proof, lightning protection and so on. It also has a weather and environmental monitoring module that can measure weather environment data such as PM2.5, PM10, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and noise at any time. It is then published to the display in real time, allowing the audience in the campus to be aware of real-time environmental conditions through the display on the smart light pole. Tecnon P4 lamp post display is equipped with a light-sensing probe, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the environment, and is more energy-saving and intelligent in practical applications.

The Tecnon P4 lamp post display used in this project has a display size of 576mm*1152mm. It is assembled with standardized modules, and the tempered glass protection design is higher, and the installation process is simple and quick, and the maintenance is convenient. At the same time, based on the characteristic management of Tecnon P4 lamp post display, the operator of Ouli Industrial Park project can adjust and control the brightness temperature of the screen body, monitor the working environment (brightness and temperature), and develop the lamp post display remotely switch plans, etc. This will make management more refined.

At the same time, in addition to the above application advantages and features, Tecnon P4 lamp post display could also be more practical application scenarios. Tecnon P4 lamp post display could be equipped with real-time monitoring of the screen and on-site and human flow by adding a camera. The screen is transmitted back to the system background through the control card to realize the comprehensive utilization of big data. Then, it makes an accurate and efficient intelligent response to the content release and public services of the park, and further enhances the intelligent management of the campus environment.

Tecnon lamp post display
As the trail project of the wisdom light pole in Zhengzhou, the official implementation of the smart project of Ouli Industrial Park will realize the precise management of the park and the integration and utilization of resources, which will greatly improve the practicability and informationization of the resources in the park. The installation of the Tecnon lamp post display makes it an important carrier for the linkage of the intelligent light poles.

As the lamp post display provider of this smart trail project, Tecnon will continue to exhaust the new materials, new technologies, new functions and new concepts in the future, and make the lamp post display lighter and more Smart, more energy-efficient, more beautiful, and cheaper, helping smart street lights illuminate the road to smart cities.
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