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Fixed Installation LED Display

Fixed Installation LED Display

We have different kinds of fixed installation led display panel for different situations like stage background, showroom exhibition, indoor and outdoor building video playing.

Fixed Installation LED Display has both indoor and outdoor designs. Indoor panel is 1000 nits and outdoor panel brightness above 5000 nits. Also, each led display panel could be designed curve so as to suit for more view angle situations. What's more, the size could be as large as required. Welcome to contact our sales representative for the best solutions.

Fixed Installation LED Display Types

  • T-HDIF480 Series Fix Display

    T-HDIF480 Series Fix Display

    • Optional density: P1.6/P1.8/P2.0/P2.5 
    • Pixel pitches available in 1.667mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
    • LED configuration: SMD1515
    • Fixed size: 480x480mm, 480x540mm led display screen panel
    • Fixed using situation: Indoor only

  • T-IF960 Series Fix Display

    T-IF960 Series Fix Display

    • Optional density: P3/P4/P5/P6 
    • Pixel pitches available in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.62mm, 10mm
    • LED configuration: SMD2121, SMD3528
    • optional size: 576x576mm, 768x768mm, 960x960mm led display panel
    • Fixed using situation: Indoor led display only
  • T-SOF960 Series Fix Display

    T-SOF960 Series Fix Display

    • Optional density: P4/P5/P6/P8/P10
    • Pixel pitches available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
    • LED Configuration: SMD1921, SMD2727, SMD3535
    • Optional size: 768x768mm, 800x800mm, 960x960mm, 1024x1024mm led display panel
  • T-DOF960 Series Fix Display

    T-DOF960 Series Fix Display

    • Optional density: P10/P16
    • Pixel pitches available in 10mm, 16mm
    • LED Configuration: DIP346
    • Optional size: 960x960mm, 1024x1024mm led display panel

Fixed Installation Led Display Solutions

As we all know, the main use of LED displays is for advertising and fixed installation LED display solutions are the best and most popular way to advertise. In a single or multiple commercial center and a large area of human traffic, outdoor full-color large-screen LED displays are built to cover the entire city, and even the entire country's outdoor large-screen display network. Large screen LED display screen with its strong visual impact, super clear image, huge shock force display advertising powerful charm. This is conducive to the establishment and dissemination of the company's brand image.

Fixed installation LED display can be used in sports events, advertising media, fixed installation, stage performance, energy, command/monitor/conference center, radio and television, transportation, real estate etc. Fixed mounting LED display will continue to move towards higher resolution, higher refresh rate and better display effect.

Fixed Led Display for Sports Events Fixed Led Display for Commercial Ads
Fixed Led Display for Transportation
fixed led display tecnon
fixed mounting led display
fixed installation led display
Automatic brightness adjustment: Photosensitive control system, automatically adjust according to the variation of the surrounding environment.
High refresh rate and high gray level, the pictures are more vivid.
Remote control: can easily replace broadcast information by a mouse at hand.
Timing switch: equipped with multi-function card. it can realize timing switch by software.
Standardized cabinet: The same cabinet can be applied to different pixel led display according to requirements.
Outdoor Fixed advertising led display
Configuration: 1R1G1B
Characteristics: high brightness, high grey scale good consistency
Installation: Fixed Installation (front /back maintenance)
Traffic Guidance LED Display
Characteristics: high brightness, high grey scale, good consistency
Installation: Fixed Installation(front /back maintenance)
Application: Applies to all places to post text, images, video and other information, such as the exhibition hall, stadiums, airports, docks stations, streets, highways and other information display and advertising.

Fixed Led Display Installation

The installation structure of led display screen is divided into three types: floor installation, wall-mounted installation and roof support. It is appropriate to adopt a circular section for the cantilever column of the floor support system, and a composite truss should be adopted for the wall-mounted horizontal support system. The roof type supporting structure should adopt the space truss system.

With the development of multimedia technology, the LED display screen is widely used in business, bringing about good advertising effect, and at the same time the excellent designed led display support structure becoming a beautiful scenery line in the city buildings. The design of structure type is usually carried out according to the construction site and the building requirements. LED displays are usually set up independently or attached to buildings. According to the supporting structure of different display forms, the corresponding structural form should be analyzed accurately.

Led display support structure types:
Ground support frame structure
Wall mounted led display structure
Roof support structure

Advertising led display screen production, installation, commissioning:
1. Determine the installation location of LED display screen and the full-color screen length, height and relevant data.
2. Outdoor LED advertising screen needs to be approved (mainly for industry and commerce, urban management department, please consult local authorities for details)
3. Consult the led display manufacturer of electronic screen, determine the large screen partner, and sign the purchase contract of LED display screen.
4. The manufacturer shall be responsible for the construction drawings, and the customer shall make the steel structure and the basic parts locally.
5. Purchase of advertising electronic screen materials (chip, circuit board, package)
6. Customized case of electronic screen manufacturer (simple case or sealed waterproof case)
7. The plug-in is finished and the glue (silica gel) is started.
8. When the module production is finished, start packing.
9. The display box is fixed in the workshop, and the test by lit.
10. Continuously aging for more than 72 hours (industry standard, Tecnon usually above 96 hours)
11. After everything is in place, we will pack the wooden frame and make the delivery.
12. Installation (the upper floor needs to be assisted by crane)
13. Outside decoration package (outdoor is usually covered with aluminum plastic plate, decorated with stainless steel inside)
14. Fixed LED display screen debugging! Completed!

Fixed led display Features and Tecnon Advantages

  • High density, high definition display;  
  • TECNON has rich experience in fixed installation and application scenarios. It is designed for fixed installation with high quality led display screen products to meet various requirements;
  • Easy to install and disassemble, cost effective;
  • Tecnon LED advertising screen has a light-sensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen according to the change of outdoor environment brightness, and saves energy and environmental protection, which greatly reduces your operating cost;
  • Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor use.

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