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Free Glass 3D LED Display

Free Glass 3D LED Display

Free glass 3D led display is world newest 3D led display. It supports 2D and 3D program switch easily. The display is high level product which suit for locations like train station, airport, shopping mall etc. Give clients the amazing watching feeling.

Also, the 3D display products could combine with reaction sensor. The they could not only play ads, but also interact with the people standing front, give people enjoying.

Free Glass 3D LED Display Types

  • T-3D Series Smart City Terminal

    T-3D Series Smart City Terminal

    Fixed density: P3
    Fixed size: 89inch,120inch
    Pixel Pitch: 3mm
    LED Configuration: SMD1921
    Fixed display: Tecnon smart display is one side terminal.

Free Glass 3D Led Display Features

Free glass 3d led display, as the hot presentation way in the current display field, together with VR, AR, receive great attention by the public, as well it is the focused hot spot in the field of development. Compared with the ordinary 2d and traditional 3d, free glass 3d display let the audience have immersive feeling. Free 3D led display does not require users to wear 3D glasses, so it will not cause the problem of low brightness of the screen, and it will not affect the daily experience of users. Free glass 3D advertising player provides a new visual experience. Through integrated software and hardware playback platform, our products support plug and play. Through our research and development of the cloud content management system, customers can achieve remote update content of advertising player and the program arrangement according to the needs of the business, help customers quickly conduct business. Free 3D led display is mainly used in industrial commercial display market.

Tecnon Free Glass 3D Led Display features:

  • Full outdoor high brightness and definition, LED luminance>7200cdnit.
  • Automobile rubber ring seal design, dustproof and waterproof grade IP68.
  • System: large-scale remote cluster control, wireless remote real-time release information.
  • The server has unlimited control over the global terminal. Intelligent temperature control system, prevent mist, frost prevention against the phenomenon of condensate water system development features.
  • Intelligent monitoring: real-time monitoring by mobile phone or computer screen site condition, support two-way language and full-duplex and cloud storage, face recognition, video voice interaction automatically adjust the brightness, realize the secondary energy saving. GPS positioning, synchronous broadcast images of zero delay, WIFI, PM2.5 detection, data collection, temperature and humidity sensor built-in integrated sound column, touch the query function, USB interface, a key function such as alarm, remote power. 
  • Elegant and fashionable design, prevent bask in explosion-proof, galvanized steel plate, surface processing technology, professional outdoor use for eight years do not fade. Imported anti-glare AR clip glass, anti-reflection effect, increase internal light projection, reduce the reflection of external light, highlight the image color of LED advertisement machine.

All-in-one advertising design, plug and play
Support network operation, remote content management
4K resolution, excellent 3D effect
Customized product brightness

Free Glass 3D Led Display Compare with Traditional 3D

Traditional 3D: that is to put 3D animation in the background of the picture.
However, the 3D image of traditional 3D still appears in a plane, and the audience's left eye and right eye are falling on the same plane, so it is difficult to feel its stereoscopic effect.
Traditional 3D receivers receive 3D images passively. The 3D visual effect of traditional naked eye 3D is realized through the transformation of the screen body through the screen hardware processing.

Free glass 3D: skillful use of visual illusion effects, without any external devices.
Let the audience create the illusion of stereo vision in the environment.
The newest free glass 3D make audience actively form 3D visual effect, and no need to transform the display body, which is realized by the visual illusion of the human eye through the later video editing.
Free glass 3D is the visual effect of 3D animation on the invisible screen.
Large invisible screen - special effects animation - product suspension - effect shock.

Free glass 3D LED display features in higher brightness and definition, more bright-colored, higher contrast, ultra thin and etc., owns more natural and comfortable vision and wide viewing angle, wide prospect in many specific places. Now small spacing screen with 3d technology, not only lead to better display effect, but also gradually to make up for the free glass 3d technology used in LED display scale, with greater potential.
Size & Interface

Tecnon Smart Display Boosts Smart City

  • The right time: more and more cities around the world is creating smart city. Nowadays, industrial technology increasing as quickly and mature in cloud control, smart monitor, system integrated, face recognition etc. so as to make smart city terminal possible. And tecnon smart display is boosting its smart city terminal commercial display products.
  • Well-experienced smart display: 14 years experience in led display field and 3 years experience focus on smart city terminal field.
  • Production ability: 84,000 sqm modern industry zone and 23000 sqm production area.
  • High quality products: 120+ designs of different smart city terminals using for different situations; integrated design.


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