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LED Totem Display Station Type

Station type Led totem or led kiosk is designed for airport, train station and bus station. The panel is integrated design. Front area is 2-10sqm. Showing flight, bus, train information to remind the passengers. Give passengers relaxing tasting.

Each panel is the integrated system at the bottom together with charging port, wifi sharing router etc. This kind of design is good for maintenance and integrated different extra device. Flexible at the size so that flexible using for different situations.

Advantages of LED Totem Display Station Type
  • High brightness:>17000 nits,
  • High Density: P2.38, P2.94, P3.84
  • Energy saving:  20-30% energy saving.
  • Cluster management system: large quantity remote managed.
  • Business and public service combine: Public service offering.
LED Totem Station Type

LED Totem Station Type

Semi-Outdoor high density LED totem  
Airport digital signage, train station signage, Floor standing digital signage, digital totem


High brightness: >1700nits
Optional High density: P2.38 / P2.94 etc
High IP grade: IP65 
Optional color: Black / White / Silvery
Intelligent monitor: temperature / humidity / PM2.5 etc
Smart control

Smart control

Operation system: Cluster management system 
Control system: 3G / 4G / Wifi / Cat5 / Fiber control
Intelligent control:  Remote on/off control
Support operation: Smartphone , Laptop, PC , Tablet
Operation platform: Tecnon server platform

LED Totem Business Street Type Functions

LED Totem Business Street Type Functions

* Brightness automatic adjusting
* GPS synchronous playing
* Playing list report

LED Totem business street type Optional functions:
* Wifi sharing
* Security monitor
* GPS location tracking
* Free charging 
* Smart interactive voice and video
* Face recognition , data collection
* Other customized

Working Performance

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