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Smart Pole LED Display

Smart Pole LED Display

Pole smart led display is classic integrated display. It is high density, high brightness, waterproof, easy installing, cluster control product. Suit for outdoor using on street, hanging on pole, standing on ground, mounting on wall, hanging on roof etc install solution. It suit for large quantity panels  controlled or managed by Tecnon cloud server from anywhere anytime.

Our pole led display products all passed CE, RoHS and waterproof.  They could be customized by the size , shape, functions.  So just if you have the idea, then we could help you make the idea come true.

Pole Smart LED Display Types

  • T-Phone Smart Led Display

    T-Phone Smart Led Display

    • Optional density: P3 / P4 / P5 / P6
    • Optional size: 40inch / 50inch / 60inch
    • Optional display: single side , double sides or display with lightbox. 
    • T-phone terminal optional control: /4G/WIFI cloud control, phone control, cluster control.
    • Functions: wifi sharing, security monitor, GPS, power charging, etc.
  • T-Phone Energy Saving Smart LED Display

    T-Phone Energy Saving Smart LED Display

    • Optional density: P2.94 / P3.84 / P4.54 / P5.55
    • Standard module: 200mm*200mm
    • Standard panel display: 800mm*1400mm
    • Panel dimension could be customized
    • Pixel Pitch available: 2.38 mm 2.94 mm 3.84 mm 4.54 mm
    • LED configuration: SMD1515
  • T-TV Smart LED Display

    T-TV Smart LED Display

    • Optional density: P3/P4
    • Optional size: 122inch/155inch/...
    • Pixel Pitch: 3mm, 4mm
    • LED Configuration: SMD1921 
    • Module size: 192x192mm 
    • Display area: 3456×1920mm
  • T-phone Double Sides Pole LED Display

    T-phone Double Sides Pole LED Display

    Optional shape: Square/Curve
    Optional display: single side or double so that suit for different situation using.
    Optional density: P2.38/P2.94/P3.84/P4.54/P5.56
    Optional size: 64inch / customized

Pole Smart Led Display Features

1. Outdoor high definition, high brightness, energy saving, LED luminance >6500cdnit;
2. Rubber ring sealing design of the whole smart led display, dust proof and waterproof grade IP68;
3. System: large-scale remote cluster control, wireless remote real-time publishing information, and unlimited control of the global terminal;
4. Intelligent temperature control system, anti-fog, anti-frost and anticoagulation phenomenon;
5. System expansion function: intelligent monitoring (real-time monitoring of screen scene via mobile phone or computer, supporting two-way language and full-duplex and cloud storage);
6. Security & environmental friendly: the pole smart LED display screen takes low voltage dc, which can avoid potential safety hazard, so as to maintain good performance under security and reduce power consumption, LED materials used for pole smart led display choose environmental protection material can be recycled;
7. Automatic brightness adjustment (realize secondary energy saving);
8. Face recognition, video voice interaction, GPS positioning, broadcast images of zero delay, WIFI, PM2.5 detection, data collection, temperature and humidity sensor built-in integration column, remote power outages, etc...
9. Convenient installation: LED display is light and convenient to install on the lamp pole, so it is very simple. It is usually fixed with a frame or iron wire;
10. Elegant and fashionable design: sun protection, explosion-proof, galvanized steel plate, professional surface technology treatment, outdoor use as long as eight years without fading.

Pole led display - Tecnon manufacturer in China

side support mounting, front back mounting, back-to-back mounting bracket installation, customized lamp pole and screen are integrated.
Applications: park light pole, street light pole, the road pedestrian street light pole, tourist scenic spot light pole, low speed road light pole, citizen plaza light pole, commercial plaza, tourism scenic spot light pole, intelligent community light pole, intelligent university light pole, business district wall, door curtain, door head light box...

Pole Led Display Advertising Player Boost Smart City

As the internet of things, the next generation internet, the widely application of the emerging information technologies such as cloud computing, intelligent city has become the inevitable trend of future development, The construction of smart city is on the rise in many parts of the world. Smart city is gradually integrated into residents' lives, and street lighting will be equipped with "smart brain" to bring more convenience and infinite possibilities.

Pole led display advertising player function is integrated: LAN, WIFI, 4g intelligent management core modules, surveillance, face recognition, brightness automatic adjustment, temperature control, heat dissipation, text, video and images in time inter-cut, multilingual, GPS precise positioning and synchronization playing, asynchronous, air PM2.5, temperature and humidity monitoring, remote switch screen body power supply, real-time monitor screen body internal temperature, humidity, terminal online monitoring and management functions, realizes the remote restart, pause, upgrade, file deletion.

Smart advertising player
Cluster control display  
Cloud control   
Intelligent Remote control
Outdoor highest density display 

Outdoor LED Commercial Smart Display Solution Provider

01. Integrated with research and development, production and sales. Three lines in one
  • All outdoor work, protection grade IP68.
  • Under the bright light, LED outdoor advertising totem brightness 7000nits.
  • Built-in air conditioning cooling, normal work under ambient temperature -20-+55 degrees.
  • 24 hours brightness braking adjustment, effective control of energy consumption.
  • Long life span, use up to 100000 hours.
  • Anti-glare glass, AR minus reflection, steel explosion proof.
02. The most advanced production & testing equipment.
  • Outdoor spray lab.
  • Outdoor high temperature lab.
  • Solar radiation test equipment.
03. Professional technical team
  • The senior engineer team of outdoor smart led display player.
  • Well-experienced R&D team of electronic application solutions in commercial led display industry.
  • High-tech enterprise of outdoor LED totem development, production, and sales.
04. Perfect sales and customer service.
  • Pre-sales service: a variety of outdoor LED smart display products and advertising player for you to choose.
  • Service: ensure that you can use and maintain Tecnon outdoor smart advertising player.
  • After-sales service: solve any problems in your outdoor advertising.

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