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T-Pad LED Totem Display

Led totem display designed as outdoor advertising player and digital signage display for residential area, walking street, school, hospital, road, park, shopping mall, subway station, hotel, gas stations, automobile 4s shops, tourist attractions, bus station and so on, concise and elegant, novel and attractive with tempered glass. It use a special module assembly, which make he installation process simple, quick and easy to maintain.

  • Outdoor highlight 6000-7000cd, hd, power saving.
  • There are a variety of fonts to choose from, languages available for English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese.
  • It's through 3G/4G/ cluster control, and control multiple advertising machines and monitor multiple advertising machines through the server, which can transmit content to multiple advertising machines at one time.
  • Environmental friendly, low consumption, security, system stability, and supervision system.
  • The broadcasting system has multimedia software which can input and broadcast a variety of information flexibly.
  • Easy to maintain and install, video is clear and no flicker.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment of light sensor.
  • Intelligent humidity sensation, temperature sense.
  • Tempered glass prevents damage and looks delicate.
  • Intelligent monitoring, voice video interaction.

T-Pad Series

T-Pad Series

Outdoor high density LED totem
Outdoor smart city terminal
Optional Density & Size

Optional Density & Size

Optional density:

Optional size:

Optional shape:
Fixing and movable.

Optional Display

Optional Display

Tecnon smart display is able to be single side or double so that suit for different situation using.
Optional Installation & Control

Optional Installation & Control

Optional installation
Tecnon T-PAD terminal could be installed in different way.

Optional control:
Tecnon T-phone terminal could be controled by data cable/ wifi/ 4G/Android photo etc.
Optional  Functions

Optional Functions

Tecnon T-phone terminal could combine with different functions like wifi, security monitor, GPS,Charging etc functions.

Working Performance

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