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T-TW600 Movable Display

Led totem or led kiosk are new media solution for indoor and outdoor advertising. They are mainly fixed install used at locations such as walking street, school, hospital, road, park, shopping mall, subway station, hotel, gas stations, automobile 4s shops, tourist attractions, bus station etc. Sometimes there may requirement of flexible using and transport. Tecnon TW600 movable display just comes out. 

Advantages of T-TW600 Movable Display
  • High brightness:>7000 nits,
  • High Density: P2.38, P2.94, P3.84
  • Energy saving:  20-30% energy saving.
  • Cluster management system: large quantity remote managed.
  • Voice and video interactive: Speaker and camera could be combined.
  • Customized ODM requirement: Panels could be customized on appearance, size, functions etc.
T-TW600 Movable Series LED Display

T-TW600 Movable Series LED Display

Outdoor high density LED totem 
Outdoor smart city terminal
Optional Density & Color

Optional Density & Color

Optional density:

Optional Color:
Golden, Silver , Black , White
Optional Shape &  Installation

Optional Shape & Installation

Optional shape:
Fixing and movable.

Optional display:
Tecnon smart display is able to be single side or double so that suit for different situation using.

Optional installation
Tecnon T-PAD terminal could be installed in different way.
Optional Control & Functions

Optional Control & Functions

Optional control:
T-TW600 movable series terminal could be controled by data cable/ wifi/ 4G/Android photo etc.

Optional  functions:
Tecnon T-phone terminal could combine with different functions like wifi, security monitor, GPS,Charging etc functions.

Working Performance

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